AI technology for trading local flexibility in the UK's electricity system


As part of the UK Government’s latest drive for energy innovation, smart energy company Levelise is developing innovative approaches that can be used to value and trade local flexibility in the UK electricity system. This project is being undertaken as part of the BEIS Flexibility Markets Feasibility Study Competition.

The Accelerate Home Energy Aggregation Development (AHEAD) project will explore the ability of residential batteries not only to provide demand response services interacting as virtual communities with system operators and energy stakeholders, but also to trade among themselves operating in a localised flexible market where each battery acts as a blockchain node. All together with the aim of accelerating the transition towards customer-led energy systems where battery-only prosumers can have a sustainable role, to increase the penetration of intermittent renewables and to improve efficiency system-wide.

Levelise is a technology start-up founded in March 2017 with the aim of commercialising home energy management technology developed over the previous 5 years. Based in state of the art facilities on the Oxford Science Park, Levelise provides energy management services that enable homeowners with solar and battery systems to earn additional income from their systems.